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Dartle offers academies with an Athlete Management System (AMS), to track, record and monitor player performance and progress. This data is then capsuled as a talent id/player portfolio on a separate public platform. Thus, any sports recruiter, irrespective of their geography can get a detailed timeline view of a talent for scouting.

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Pricing Plan

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6 / month / player

  • Academy management
  • Coach session planning
  • Frequent software updates
  • Lesson plans
  • Support for homeworks, skill development & academics
  • Data driven analytics
  • Support forum access
  • Individual player statistics
  • Access to training library
  • Consultation for academy development
For Academies

Athlete Management System

Dartle's athlete management system is the perfect tool to help you with your session planning, scheduling, staff management and player performance tracking. We are perfect for academies who are starting out, as Dartle comes coupled with a curriculum that is derived from the most elite sports academies in the world with the help of industry experts.

Now you can track, record and monitor player performance within your academy and use this data to nuture your athletes more efficiently. Curated progress reports and global standard assessments help you stay ahead of competition. We also help find opportunities for your players, making your academy more prospective for new admissions.

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Session Planner

Use our inbuilt sessions for athlete development or build your own. We help you easily organize and plan your sessions

Performance Tracking

Track and record performance data of athletes, during all activities including training sessions, assessment tests, academics, matches


Provide performance related feedback in training and via image/video to help students reflect on their performance and work on improvements


Manage player welfare using psychometric evaluations and dedicated distress communications with welfare officers. Players also get access to relevant hotline numbers

Dashboard & Reports

Get a birds eye view on all activities within the academies including various reports on sessions and player performance

Academy Support

Take our exclusive compliance questionnaire to identify areas of improvement. Our dedicated team of experts can use these results to help transform your academy into global standards

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The largest community in a sports application

Dartle Public Applications

At Dartle, we believe in the power of the community. Therefore, it is our mission to empower the sports fraternity with the tools required to create awareness, education, physical competence and sports opportunities for one another. Dartle’s public application allows for the different entities in sports (parents, athletes, academies, coaches, scouts) to coexist and be physical and competitively active in sports.


View upcoming academy activities and training sessions. View session performance data as well as attendance reports for previous sessions

Performance reporting

Students and parents can see performance, health, progress and attendance reports while comparing against their peers’ national and global benchmarks

Social Media

Students can also upload their best sporting moments to get social and peer-to-peer feedback. They can have fun and stay competitive by showcasing their talent to others


View and participate in sporting events in the academy and nearby. Save your performance during a sporting event and showcase it in you portfolio

Feedback & analysis

View and interact with text, image and video feedback on training sessions and matches from sports science, analysts, coaches and academy

Scouting Network

The scouting network can help scouts find talents who fit their specific requirements. View performance details along with historical data on player performance and progress

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Improving quality of life through sports

Dartle Physical Literacy Programme

Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. Dartle's focus is in tandem with the national agenda for sports in promoting physical literacy in schools across the country. We want to support our country by envisioning atleast 20 gold at the Olympics in the next decade

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Physical Literacy Pillars

  • 01

    Motivation and Confidence (Affective)

    Motivation and confidence refers to an individual’s enthusiasm for, enjoyment of, and self-assurance in adopting physical activity as an integral part of life

  • 02

    Physical Competence (Physical)

    Physical competence refers to an individual’s ability to develop movement skills and patterns, and the capacity to experience a variety of movement intensities and durations. Enhanced physical competence enables an individual to participate in a wide range of physical activities and settings

  • 03

    Knowledge and Understanding (Cognitive)

    Knowledge and understanding includes the ability to identify and express the essential qualities that influence movement, understand the health benefits of an active lifestyle, and appreciate appropriate safety features associated with physical activity in a variety of settings and physical environments

  • 04

    Engagement in Physical Activities for Life (Behavioural)

    Engagement in physical activities for life refers to an individual taking personal responsibility for physical literacy by freely choosing to be active on a regular basis. This involves prioritizing and sustaining involvement in a range of meaningful and personally challenging activities, as an integral part of one’s lifestyle