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6 / month / player

  • Academy management
  • Coach session planning
  • Frequent software updates
  • Lessons plans
  • Support for homeworks, skill development & academics
  • Data driven analytics
  • Support forum access
  • Individual player statistics
  • Access to training library
  • Consultation for academy development
For Academies

Athlete Management System

Dartle's athlete management system is the perfect tool to help you with your session planning, scheduling, staff management and player performance tracking. We are perfect for academies who are starting out, as Dartle comes coupled with a curriculum that is derived from the most elite sports academies in the world with the help of industry experts. Track, record and monitor player performance within your academy and use this data to nuture your athletes more efficiently. Curated progress reports and global standard assessments help you stay ahead of competition. We also help find opportunities for your players, making your academy more prospective for new admissions.

Sports Sessions

Academic Performance

Psychometric Evaluations

Session Planner

Use our inbuilt sessions for athlete development or build your own. We help you easily organize and plan your sessions

Performance Tracking

Track and record performance data of athletes, during all activities including training sessions, assessment tests, academics, matches


Provide performance related feedback in training and via image/video to help students reflect on their performance and work on improvements


Manage player welfare using psychometric evaluations and dedicated distress communications with welfare officers. Players also get access to relevant hotline numbers

Dashboard & Reports

Get a birds eye view on all activities within the academies including various reports on sessions and player performance

Academy Support

Take our exclusive compliance questionnaire to identify areas of improvement. Our dedicated team of experts can use these results to help transform your academy into global standards

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