Talent Identification

Access to exclusive player data at your fingertips

  • Need to know historical data of players?
  • Need to identify 100 players with Lionel Messi/ Virat Kohli abilities?
  • Need information about player physical, psychological, educational, and tactical data?
  • Need to know player stats from the tournaments they played?

Complete access to player sporting career stats such as games played, tournaments won, points scored, etc.

For Scouts

Scouting Network

Dartle's scouting network is the perfect tool to help you identify propsective talents from across the globe based on your specific requirements. Dartle gives scouts the flexibility to search and filter profiles based on a number of performance parameters unique to each sport.

Advanced search & filtering

Lists players according to your demands

Player reports

Access to players' psychical, technical, tactical, psychological and educational history

Video analytics

Use advanced techniques to interpret player performance better

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The Scouting Process

  • 01

    Profile creation

    Create a scouting profile with required documents verified

  • 02

    Find talent

    Use our scouting network advanced search to identity talents

  • 03

    Talent communication

    Get in touch with the player directly or via the academy of the player

  • 04

    Scouting reports

    Prepare scouting reports and earn money for them